Information about our school

We are a vocational school situated in Koblenz, a city in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley where the Moselle flows into the Rhine at the “Deutsches Eck” (German Corner). Our two campuses are located close to each other and close to the central station and thus are easy-to-reach. Almost 200 teachers provide vocational training for about 3000 students in various fields of education. The main subjects are: health, social pedagogy, media engineering, environmental engineering, gastronomy, domestic management, nursing education and trade.

Our Aims

We support our students in developing the ability to successfully manage professional, societal and personal situations in life and to actively develop personal and professional competences. We want that our students face life with a curious and open but also self-reflecting and questioning attitude.

Our Approach

  • educating students with the help of real situations based on professional activities as well as personal life
  • enabling various extracurricular activities (e. g. visiting large-scale plants, social institutions, fairs and exhibitions, museums, universities)
  • providing students with preventive measures to take care of their physical and emotional health
  • inviting experts into lessons (e. g. entrepreneurs, politicians, health experts, instructors of first aid, teachers for outdoor education)
  • offering various international experiences to develop inter-cultural competences as well as openness and respect towards other cultures (e. g. exchange program with Poland and France, study trips to Italy and the United Kingdom, cultural trips to Spain and the USA, work placements in Finland, Erasmus+ activities)
  • participating in several competitions (e. g. "Mathematik ohne Grenzen“, i. e. Maths without limits“, and “Deutscher Gründerpreis“, i. e. the German Entrepreneur Award)
  • equipping classrooms with modern technology such as Apple iMac PCs, Interactive Whiteboards, document cameras, (and) projectors and free WLAN
  • maintaining close relationships and cooperation with professional life (enterprises, chambers of commerce and universities)
  • enabling our students to take part in various subjects and courses (e. g. skiing course, sports advanced course, drama class, “MINT” subjects (i. e. mathematics, informatics, sciences and engineering), ambulance service)